Move in With Us

When you chose to relocate to Agro Food Park you become part of a community, where we offer a unique knowledge environment with focus on food, health and agriculture. Agro Food Park offers everything from flexible full-service office environments for start-ups and established companies of all sizes to the opportunity for building your own domicile. Read more here about how you can relocate to Agro Food Park. 

The space you rent is adapted according to your needs and we offer a wide range of shared facilities and service functions, which helps to ensure that you can focus on your business. When you live with us, you get access to reception, canteen, meeting facilities and a lot more. 

If your business is in the food and agriculture industries, if you have a business idea or if you are looking for a building lot for your new domicile, we encourage you to contact us and to come by for a casual talk about what we offer.

Since 2013 Agro Food Park has had an incubation environment for start-ups. The “Inkubator” is continuously developed and driven by Agro Business Park.
Since 2013 this has generated 70 new jobs. 

Contact Site Manager, Kathrine Vejgaard Stage at or +45 30 50 36 25 to learn more about the incubation environment. 

Anne-Marie Hansen


+45 26 25 65 93