ecobotix ApS

Agro Food Park 13

Att.: Maria Wejersø Rosenlund Nielsen



Tlf.: +45 28153056


Ecobotix is an agro-technological drone company offering e.g. effective control of agricultural pests.

The philosophy is to match the fields of biology and modern technology to enable more cultivators to benefit from effective biological control; as opposed to being dependent on usage of chemical pesticides.

As of today, biological control has been widely adopted in greenhouse production and Ecobotix estimates that there will be an increasing interest in transferring such gentle approaches to outdoor crop cultivation.

Ecobotix participates in the GUDP-project EcoDrone in cooperation with AU, SDU and EWH BioProduction ApS. Insight and experiences from the EcoDrone project are to be published in the summer of 2018.