Aarhus University

Att.: Fundraiser Lise W. Nesgaard

Agro Food Park 13

T: +45 93 50 83 93
M: lise.nesgaard@food.au.dk



Chief Consultant Claus Bo Andreasen

T: +45 87 15 12 78 or +45 40 79 80 32
M: clausbo.andreasen@dca.au.dk



Most people know Aarhus University, but not everybody knows that Aarhus University ranks among the top ten agriculture and food universities in the world. Approximately 400 scientists work in the food space, and our research and teaching spans the entire production chain from field to fork. A significant part of the research focuses on primary production of foods, including optimized food production systems and reduced environmental and climate impacts, etc. There is a specific focus on food quality and the health and sensory characteristics of foods. Our activities include research in food chemistry, food technology, metabolomics and sensory as well as research in differentiated and biofunctional foods. Furthermore, AU scientists hold leading expertise in research in consumer behavior and preferences and in the health aspects of food and eating habits. Our research activities are often carried out in partnership with industry with a focus on implementation of the results.