The Future of Agro Food Park

In 2015 Agro Food Park initiated an exciting process of developing a new master development plan for the coming years. 

The development plan was revealed on August 17, 2016. So far, the presentation of the plan has only been published in Danish.

Below you can find the press release published on August 17.

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Press release published on August 17, 2016:
Foods of the future will be developed in Aarhus
Agro Food Park launches a visionary plan that will make it the leading food innovation and growth centre in Denmark – and one of the best in the world.

What do you get when the brightest minds within food science and 75 food and agriculture companies move in together on 110 hectares of farmland just outside Aarhus, Denmark?

The answer is a world-class food innovation park by the name of Agro Food Park. By 2030, the vision is to be the workplace of 3,000 people, all employed within food and innovation. 

Hub for Danish food innovation
The development plan for reaching that goal was launched at a major event on 17 August. Comprising three primary landscapes, the plan is to create the best possible environment for establishing Agro Food Park as the hub for Danish food innovation – a centre for accelerating food research and the future growth of the Danish food and agriculture sector.

Agro Food Park has developed rapidly since its founding in 2009 and already accommodates 75 companies with 1,000 employees in total. Later this year, leading dairy company Arla Foods will open its new global innovation centre at the park.

“Agro Food Park builds on the proud Danish traditions for cooperation and competition between strong players within its food and agriculture industry – all focused on developing foods of the highest quality,” says Agro Food Park chairman Steen Nørgaard Madsen.

Crucial to share knowledge

Knowledge sharing across the food sector is crucial to playing a leading role in international food research.

“The food industry must develop – we must find new knowledge, develop new products and enter new, innovative partnerships with an open mind,” says Karen Hækkerup, director of the Danish Agriculture & Food Council, which owns Agro Food Park. 

Interested companies contact Agro Food Park on a daily basis to learn about the opportunities. The new plan will ensure the park develops in the right direction – with a strong focus on innovation, growth and investment. 

Role model for the future
“Agro Food Park is in many ways a role model for how future industrial parks will look. It is close-knit and intense and brings employees from different companies together. Industrial parks can easily become large, uninspiring deserts that generate a lot of traffic and isolate people from each other. Agro Food Park has a completely different approach,” says Kristian Wurtz, councillor for Aarhus Municipality’s Department of Technology and Environment.