Helsetek ApS

Agro Food Park 13

Att.: Nicki Møller

Mail: nbm@helsetek.dk

Website: www.helsetek.dk

Tlf.: +45 60638910


We work to make sure that Denmark also in the future will be leading within production of dairy products. People want dairy and milk products, they always wanted that. But as the population is increasing, more people want meat and dairy products and there will not be enough land to produce it. At the same time, more and more people want healthier and plant based replacements for meat and dairy products, and they have to taste good. Helsetek can produce those products.

Helsetek ApS is a development company focusing on developing new food products based on fermented crops with functional components. The first products is a quinoadrink containing essential amino acids and healthy omega acids, a vegan quinoa ice cream and a pea drink and pea crème high on protein.