Camlin Fine Sciences

Agro Food Park 15

Tlf.: +45 21 36 54 01

CFS provides antioxidant shelf life solutions for the food, pet food, animal feed and bio-fuel industries.

CFS is the world’s largest manufacturer of the antioxidants TBHQ and BHA.

Having commenced operations in India in 1931 as Camlin, a trusted household name, CFS made consistent innovation its hallmark. From a range of stationery and art material products, the business diversified in 1984 into the manufacture of antioxidants for its global market through its new division Camlin Fine Chemicals. In 2006, to bring greater focus to its core strength, this new division was hived off into a new entity ‘Camlin Fine Sciences’ 

CFS Shelf Life Solutions is today present in several countries such as India, Brazil, Mexico and United States. In Europe, CFS is based in Ravenna, Italy.

The office in Denmark works closely with CFS Europe and the global CFS team.

The office welcomes customers for a technical dialogue about relevant synthetic and natural antioxidants for your applications. Subsequently, the office can provide contact to our sales team.

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